Example for virtual business cards

Example of campaign using QRCMS and business cards

Printing QR codes on various items, to attract potential costumers, could be very creative, but it is very important what is beneath QR code, in other words, what pops up when QR code is scanned. One of the examples that expands possibilities of a classical marketing is putting QR codes on business cards of employees.

How to create virtual business card

Let assume that you running a company with few employees and you want to make business cards for each and every of them. First thing you should do is to create a channel which will be for making business cards purposes only. When you creating content for business cards set layout for that purpose only. In very next step, enter data for each of specific employee and your cards are finished.

Try to imagine next situation. You have 5000 of your own business cards, but in the meantime you have changed phone number or you have been promoted on next level in company. So, yours business card should be changed too. There is no need for printing new 5000 business cards again. Simply change data in channel that you have been predefined for that purposes. With QRCMS log on system, change data and that is it. There is one more possibility. You don’t have do wait changes to take place, you could easily change skin of a business card if you are simple bored with old appearance of it.

Options such as automatic dialing , automatic emailing are default options , and "save VCARD" option is available just after scanning took place.