One QR code for all members of the club

Example of simply campaign using QRCMS

Assume that you have club with plenty of club members. Club gathering is every time on a different location. Time of gathering is variable, too. Each member have his own membership card with QR code on it. All that member have to do is to scan QR code to obtain information of time and location of next gathering. You could change those information unlimited number of times without printing new membership cards.

How to create content?

Each user have his own unique username and password. Once his logged on, user have access to his own user panel where he could create new content. In this particular case, our campaign is called fighting club and for that particular channel content is added. One channel could have one or more contents , for example, one content is representing time of gathering, other available information about next location, next channel is history of a club, and so on..

How to change content?

Once campaign (channels) are created , there is no need to change them again, simply go to content which you want to change, change it and all user will have access to updated information. Simple and useful.