QR codes in a museum, art gallery

QR codes are great way to improve visitors experience in a museum. They revive exhibits, providing better communication between exhibits and visitors and education on every level. If person stand in front of exhibit which is total unknown to a person, then person shell not have any interest to it, or have knowledge about its value. With present QR code person is just few clicks away from full scale knowledge about artistic or historical value. Even when visit to the museum is over, reminder of seen exhibits stays in form of available information about it. That brings far more better impression of seen setting.

Even better, visitor can, by scanning QR code, access predefined audio tour of a setting, which can be provide on a several different languages.

QR codes are better way for representing exhibits because they providing far more information about exhibit itself then stickers or commonly used monitors. For example, there is a set of a historical settlement in a museum. Using QR code you can actually see how that town looks today without even stepping out of museum. Through images, audio and video files provided by QR code you can easily access to all information about collected historical data and discoveries on free and interesting way.
To make visit to the museum more interesting, on a way out, could be put a sign with QR code on it, and then, after visit is over, starts quiz about what visitor have saw and do visitor found that is interesting.

That will provide good feedback to museum staff about exhibition in all. Comments of visitors can provide new ideas for next setting, which will attract more visitors. After communication is established, opportunities are endless.

QR codes and services

QR codes are excellent way to inform people what kind of services you are providing. Put QR code on entrance of yours restaurant , and people will easily have access about menus , number of available places, reservations…. QR codes can and will improve your offer. Detailed information about dishes can be obtained , too. Many people have being disappointed many times ordering some fancy named meal, and after that they realized that they don’t like it at all because of ingredients. You can avoid that with QR code. Even better, suggestion about what kind of wine goes with specific meal certainly wont leave them unconcerned. There is wine tasting an sales in your restaurant . Put QR code on each bottle, providing information about grape type, region that is grown, manufacturing, images of vineyards, even video files where experts evaluation is given. Your costumers will find that very interesting and educational. In case of changing menus on daily bases, do it once, and that’s it. You will provide information about that instantly. If you are hotel owner or manager, through QR codes people will obtain information about capacities in a hotel, prices, included content such as work shops, sightseeing , hiker routs.. If you run night club or similar place you can provide information about events in your club through only one QR code on a billboard. Promotions, artists, prices, daily happenings, vouchers, weekend offers, all in one. Available on a click. Practical, isn’t it?

QR kodovi na garderobi

British Betfair community have printed QR codes on a bikinis of British beach volleyball female team for promotional purposes. That seems to be logical solution if you are working in fashion business or similar branches. QR codes on tags on clothes or on clothes itself could be real deal. Content of QR codes are easily changeable so user can obtain new information updated on your website scaning tag on a old piece of clothes or sport equipment. New collection, new catalog, prices, discounts, all that is easily available to user which is only once buy something from your company.

QR in medicine

Well, its quite often case of patients loosing their health documentation, but its not that often that patient loosing their mobile devices. In that case, advantages of using QR codes are obvious. Just one QR code per patient could provide all information about medical records, history of disease, important notification, etc. In the same time, all that information is available to the patient, too. Also, people could obtain information about their loved ones in a nursing centre using QR codes. When patients using QR codes they could make appointment with doctor , access to calendar of remedies, what type/when should be taken as a reminder with alarm. Pharmaceutical industry could print QR codes on labels of their products with information such as indications and precautions for use. Chronically ill persons with sudden onset of disease, or victim of a car crash could be treated in a proper way once information is obtained by scanning QR code.

Members of younger generations, could be informed about venereal diseases or other unintended consequences, by scanning QR codes on condom wrapping . On disposable diapers QR codes could provide information about medical advices for new moms about their newborns. Songs, games everything that could amuse your baby is just beneath QR code.