Primarily, what QR Code is?

If you are familiar with qr code and how to used it, you can skip first two chapters

Have you seen square logo filled with black and white small squares on flayers, posters, or on labels of various products? Those are QR codes ( short term for quick response), which can be scanned with mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, etc. After being scanned they are leading user to specific web site, providing certain messages, guidelines or informational content, so that communication in between user and client (respectively QR code owner) is ensured. QR code owner can be anyone. Manufacturers or dealers can advertise their products using QR codes or even cities and towns can use QR codes to represent its own features.

How can QR Code be used in marketing?

When you make decision to use QR code, best way to it is to make a plan what yours QR code should represent, because QR codes can be used for many purposes. One of the most popular way of using QR codes is redirecting user to specific web site.
Think about that for a second. When user is once redirected to yours website you have opportunity to inform that person about available products, discounts, set lists, perhaps free vouchers or inventive new features, and so many other things… All that you can achieve by using QR code.

In case you have company which sales some specific product, content of used QR code can be video file uploaded on a youtube, representing entire manufacturing process, step by step, in which case content can have educational character and advertising character in the same time.
You don’t have to pay huge amount of money for broadcasting, simply put all marketing content related to your product in a QR code, and every person that passing by can be informed on the easiest (cheapest) way possible.

Also, using QR code, cities and towns can provide informations about certain features and happenings related to city areas, traffic information, city maps, historical and cultural events an so on…. By scanning QR code you can instantly be informed about yours current location, possibilities about using public transportation network, or how to get to specific location or event.
In the same time, content of QR code can be supported with video files of certain location where some historical or artistic event took place.

Example of using QR code for advertising can being seen in a campaign for World park.

The easiest way to understand using of QR codes for marketing is by examples. For more examples click here. here!!!